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    Need some help? Don’t worry. We got your back, and we sure as hell got your dog’s back! Our FAQs and Tips are listed below, and if you have any other questions about the app or what we do, please DM us on social media or email us at [email protected].

    What is Heroly?

    Heroly is a brand whose Mission is to Create Heroes for Canines. Our app is a platform where neighbors can connect and help one another with scheduled or on-demand pet needs. Heroly allows YOU to be the Hero. Heroly donates to shelters/rescues every time you or your neighbor completes a pet request. That’s how “Everyone is a Hero.”

    Who is a Hero?

    EVERYONE! Your Heroes are your pre-approved, trusted neighbors, and you are a Hero to them in return.

    Is Heroly a dog walking service?

    Nope! We know all about owning a dog in an urban setting. Your Heroes (pre-approved, trusted, neighbors) are meant to assist when urgency hits, and you don’t want to come home to a mess on the floor. We encourage you to be responsible for exercising and adequately walking your own dog as well as respecting your neighbors time and assistance.


    How does the app work?

    Let’s say your neighbor, Elroy, is stuck at work again and poor Astro needs to pee. Elroy opens the Heroly app and “Requests a Hero”. A notification goes out to his designated, pre-approved group of Heroes. If you’re on that list and you’re available, you simply accept the request and come to the rescue, giving Astro the relief he needs. A direct, peer-to-peer payment is transferred between Elroy and you. In return, when you’re unable to make it home for your pup, you can use the app and Elroy or another Hero can help you! We are bringing the “It takes a village” mindset to pet owners.

    How do I add Heroes?

    Users that are within your selected radius will show up on the “Add New Heroes” screen. Search for your neighbors that you know and trust, or invite your neighbor to download the app. When you tap “Connect” you will be reminded that we recommend that you only connect with people you know and trust, and you must agree that Heroly is not responsible for anything that may happen in your home or with your pet. Once they agree to your invitation and the waiver is accepted on both sides, then you become HO (Heroly Official) ;)

    What if I don’t know my neighbors?

    We encourage you to message some of the Heroes that already have established connections. There are many ways to meet your neighbors with dogs including your building’s dog park, walking in the afternoons, or bars nearby. Please don’t connect until you have established that you trust them in your home and with your pet. There are apps out there letting strangers in for pet care, but we believe a neighbor is more trustworthy and safer with your home and pet than a stranger.

    Who gets notified when I need a Hero?

    By default, all of your pre-selected, approved, and trusted Heroes get a notification when you push a request. However, you are able to edit this list for per-use-case on the “Request Hero” page. The first person to accept will be your Hero and receive your payment.

    What if none of my connections can be my pet’s Hero?

    We recommend keeping your list of Heroes between 2-5 people and encourage you to find closeby neighbors you trust that have alternating or flexible schedules. If all of your Heroes have 9-5s, it will be difficult for someone to let your dog out at Noon.

    How do my Heroes get into my home?

    That is completely up to you! However, Heroly’s favorite way to keep your home safe is with a smart lock and we recommend August Home. August Home is a smart lock that keeps your current lock in place. It has an app that can give peers access temporarily or you can unlock your door remotely. We currently do not have a partnership with August Home we just believe it is the best option for security. Alternatively, with more risk attached, you may copy and hand out keys or use a lockbox.

    What is my Wallet?

    Your wallet is how you pay for requests and receive money for being a Hero. It is basically a digital currency until you decide to withdraw your balance. You must have it charged with sufficient funds in order to request a Hero. We recommend keeping funds in the wallet to minimize transactional fees with our third party payment gateway, Stripe.


    What are some tips to be a great Hero?

    We’re so glad you asked!

    • Only accept an on-demand request if you can make it to the pet within 20 minutes.

    • Send pictures at the completion of the request (we have a prompt).

    • Return keys if you move or are not often available as a Hero.

    • Respect your neighbor’s home and privacy.

    • Treat their pet as you would your own.

    How can I assist my Heroes?

    • Leave the leash and poop bags near the front door.

    • Do not expect your neighbors to be your designated dog walker unless you have made that agreement clear to one another.

    • Make sure your dog is getting sufficient exercise so your neighbor has a more relaxed and calm situation to work with.

    • Train your dog how to properly walk on a leash. For more information, listen to our Podcast “Heroly’s Canine Club” on Podbean, Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.


    How do I know my Hero took my dog out?

    If you don’t trust your Heroes, they shouldn’t be your Hero! Though we encourage a photo to be shared at the end of a request, it is not required, and you need to make sure you only add people into your Hero list that you would in a “Circle of Trust.” Another option would be an in-home camera.

    How do I know my Hero took my dog out?

    If you don’t trust your Heroes, they shouldn’t be your Hero! Though we encourage a photo to be shared at the end of a request, it is not required, and you need to make sure you only add people into your Hero list that you would in a “Circle of Trust.” Another option would be an in-home camera.

    What if I want to get paid more for being a Hero?

    We stand by our low flat charges for peer-to-peer. It shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes to feed or let out a pet in need. If you’re not willing to return the favor at this price and let out your neighbor’s dog when they need assistance, maybe this platform isn’t right for you.

    What if I don’t want to receive money for being a Hero?

    Then you can be a SUPER Hero! At the end of a completed request, there is a “Contribute to Shelter” button, that will donate however much you designate to the Shelter of the Month instead of the money going into your wallet. You do your neighbor a solid and you both feel great about helping our Mission to save dogs.

    How much does Heroly charge?

    We offer a platform for peer-to-peer pet care. That means that you pay each other directly. For each use, Heroly will take a small 8% fee (in most cases, less than $1). As with everything we do, we donate 20% of all of our proceeds to saving dogs.

    How much is Heroly donating to charity?

    We always take 20% of any means of income (apparel, app, podcast, etc) and donate it to that month’s featured “Shelter of the Month.”

    What is the Shelter of the Month (SOTM)

    The SOTM is a non-profit shelter or rescue that is featured for an entire month. 20% of all of the proceeds that Heroly earns is donated to that SOTM. We will select three non-profits to feature and our users will vote on the SOTM via email. Our users are also encouraged to contribute some of their earnings per use to the SOTM. Our Mission is to save dogs and you are the Heroes.

    My neighbors already help each other for free, why would we use Heroly?

    Our mission is to save dogs in every way we can. By using Heroly you’re not only helping your neighbor’s dog but also helping a dog in need at a shelter or rescue. As long as you are giving as much as receiving, then the platform will only cost you the small fee that Heroly uses to save dogs.

    How do I know my information is secure?

    We use only the most prominent and secure servers available. Your information is secure but remember that it is up to you who you choose to share that information with.

    How do I delete my account?


    Please email us at [email protected] and we will manually delete your Heroly account.


    How do I sign my rescue/shelter up to be considered as a Shelter of the Month?

    Please go to our website, www.Heroly.com/savingdogs, or email us at [email protected] with information about your non-profit and we will get back with you.

    How do I find y’all on social media?

    We’re on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter with the handle @HerolyApp. Connect with us! We love to have fun and talk to other dog lovers!

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