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Your Dog Isn't As Smart As You Think It IS

A recent study shows that man's best friend isn't top dog in smarts.

A recent study published in the journal Learning & Behavior is suggesting that dogs are no more special than other animals when comparing canniness (for you non-oxford grads - perception and insight) and intelligence.

Ruh-Roh. So, Rover is a dunce? Not exactly. The study supports that dogs are in fact smart and trainable, they’re just not “super smart” like you tell everyone you meet.

Bottom line, everything your dog can do, another species of animal can do (and may possibly do - better).

Still, think of Rover as the smartest creature you know? 


Just remember: “your dog would drink antifreeze if you let it.” - Jonas Black

What does this mean for you? Stop humanizing your dog so much. It’s only going to benefit you and your dog’s relationship if you step at least a little bit off of the humanization train.

But does this study really matter for the everyday dog owner and lover?




It doesn’t change a fucking thing. 


Just love your dog.

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