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Old Fashioneds, Bike Talk + Dog Pop Ups: 7.5 facts on Hector Garcia, a leader in Houston's canine scene  

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Garcia is the creator of Puppies for Breakfast, one of the country's largest/epic-est dog-centered events hosted in HTX.

Over a span of 19 years, Hector Garcia has passionately built community in Houston through his Neue Creative agency and his love of dags. In 2010 Hector created Puppies for Breakfast/Dog Pop in his backyard, serving up his mom’s tacos, mimosas, and an opportunity for dog lovers to mingle while collars jingle. Since the festival’s own puppy stage it has since grown into a Sultan of Swat of Houston pet events, bringing locals together with more than 50 industry vendors just for a great damn time… and rescue <3.  

Our behaviorist Jonas Black sat down with Hector Garcia in our first ‘Heroly Talks’ segment of our podcast, a bi-weekly lifestyle series focused on... nothing really, but it's funny as shit with a side of dogs. This week we get to know the man drinking behind the Austin Eastcider’s can. Listen in or catch the highlights below:

1) Bikes and pickles are the way to his pants

Early on, Hector has loved the four-leggeds as well as the two wheelers. After cosigning his Yamaha 50, Hector learned to ride right there on the lot and on his way home… two days later he dumped said bike at a Heights intersection, and he struggled to look other drivers in the eye as it slid by and skidded to the curb. It’s ok though. He walked away without injury thanks to some Holy Water, and his passion for extended rears and all things BMX holds true today. 

Dream bike: A cafed out Honda that's totally been restored or rebuilt. 

1a. Pickles:

Life is complete with a Chic-fil-a number 1 with pickles… all the pickles.

2) He single-handedly named host Jonas Black’s first child.

3) He accepts all breeds with balls

Hector doesn’t discriminate against dogs/breeds at his events, even when he’s caught flak in many situations. I.e. at one of Puppies for Breakfast’s pop-up events, a patron couldn’t believe he let 'intact' dogs attend based on perceived aggression. Ah, ignorance. 


HG: If you want to throw a festival and and ban dogs with nuts, like go ahead, but this is MY festival, and everyone's welcome as long as everybody's safe and everybody's having fun.

4) Drink(s) of choice: Old fashioneds that are actually an old fashioned + Austin Eastciders are life

Note: Hector will politely tell you to get that shit out of here if anything besides orange peel maraschino, cherry, sugar, and bitters are mixed into his old fashioned.

Drink this ^ and this: 

3) He supports Seal as the Joker in the next Batman installment.

Listen to the podcast to hear the rest of Hector’s fantastic plot ideas. 

6) He let the dogs out: Dog Pop is headed to Austin

Heads up ATX! Hector partnered with Bird's Barber Shop in Austin to bring Dog Pop to you and your canines on Oct. 20 (Dog Pops are the satellite events to Puppies for Breakfast). There'll be a custom dog play area, shopping, local vendors, beer, wine, blackouts... jk. Check out event details here, and look for Heroly to be hammering drinks there too while telling you about our app!

7) Hector has the biggest heart for rescue

Donating to rescue has always been a no brainer for this guy. Since the very beginning, for each and every event he's curated. Hector donates directly to a partnered rescue. Fun facts about dropping off his first donation to the Barrio Dogs: 


HG: I remember one of the first events we had benefited Barrio Dogs over on the East Side over here. They've been around forever. I remember just giving them all the cash that came through the donation boxes. Yeah, so we probably looked really shady meeting in a Chic-fil-a parking lot, and I'm handing them over this big ol' envelope of $1 bills.

7.5) Hector’s most embarrassing life moment is….

We legit can’t tell you on the blog. Go check out the podcast if you really want to know. #discretionadvised

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