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Heroly's Canine Club Podcast is Live!

Warning: Podcast is Unmuzzled

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You asked for it, and even if you didn't, we gave it to you anyway; a platform for FREE professional behavioral advice for you and your dog. Our heavily anticipated podcast is live on iTunes, Google Play, and Podbean. Listen in as recognized behaviorist, Jonas Black, discusses training advice, dogs in the news, [possibly tipsy] rants on bad training or ownership habits, heart-warming rescue stories, and answers YOUR questions about dogs. This podcast is explicit so be weary of children in the vicinity. We try to keep it PG-13 but even they are allowed an F-bomb once in a while. *shrug*

To ask a question head on over to our Instagram and DM us. Jonas will do his best to answer your question in an upcoming episode. Be sure to subscribe and rate our show with feedback. We want to tailor a show that best benefits you and your pack. Thanks for the continued support!

-The Heroly Pack

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