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Keep It Simple Stupid -  K.I.S.S.

This week we're just encouraging everybody to explore their relationship with their dog in a healthy manner.

This is an excerpt from Heroly's weekly Canine Club podcast, where our behavior modification specialist, Jonas Black, takes some time away from the Positive Approach vs. Balanced Approach training war to help podcast write-ins solve some concerns in the relationship they have with their dogs. To catch the full rant make sure to listen to the podcast. 

Predominantly, for the past few weeks, we’ve been on a bit of a rant, and, this week, I just want to bring it back to a little more of a positive side. I just wanted to really REALLY encourage everybody to explore their relationship with their dog in a healthy manner.

Let's break it down to the fundamentals and essentials of what this is actually all about, which is the love for dogs. 

The love for dogs is what this whole podcast is about. - Jonas Black

The love for dogs is what this whole podcast is about. 

The love for dogs is what Heroly is about. 

The love for dogs is what I am about.

The way that we can properly convey that, obviously, is by spending time with our dogs. This relationship is truly the foundation of everything no matter what. 


Regardless of what training approach you use, if you have a bad relationship with your dog, you’re never going to get anywhere. Period.

I am obviously a big advocate of the balanced approach of training, and this week, I’m just going to straight into a question and answer segment. 

I just want to help people this week. 

Everybody knows that I get very very “causey”. I basically gravitate towards causes that I know are going to be positive and conducive to helping dogs. This is why I’ve backed the English balanced approach trainers so much here over the last few weeks, in particular, my good friend Danny Wells.

I feel like it’s been a lot of anger and frustration in these discussions, and while there has been that, I feel like it’s been warranted to actually present this in a show formatting here on the podcast. 

I feel that it’s necessary for everybody to understand the urgency in which we are operating.

I feel like it's necessary for everybody to understand the true state of emergency that dog training is in. 

The state of dog training is in complete disarray, as we have two sides clashing very very hard. One side is very VERY imposing, that’s the positive agenda. The other side, the balanced agenda, is very much like “Hey, leave us alone. We will leave you alone”. 

One side is out to be a martyr, and the other side is out saving dogs. 

One side is blogging a lot. One side doesn't’ have much time, because we’re out actually getting things done.

That’s really the end of it. 

So now we’re going to go ahead and go straight into question and answers. 


See below to see what questions were asked this week!


To hear answer segments, make sure to listen in here! To hear a specific answer, scrub over to the time on the podcast where the question was asked! 

Questions and Podcast Time

1) How do you train a dog to stop barking all the time? (3:10)

2) Puppies & Biting (4:10)

3) How do you train a place command? (6:15)

4) Is there a better way to train my dog to properly walk beside me? (8:26)

5) My dog isn’t food aggressive but is guarding pieces of paper and bottles (10:20)

6) How can you stop a dog from biting you when you’re putting it’s food down? (11:12)

7) Is there a way to stop a husky from crazing whining during a car ride? (11:48)

8) How can I build confidence in a skittish dog? (12:25)
9) How did you get into canine behaviorism? (13:55)

10) If you have a dog that is easily excited, how can you praise it while it’s being calm without getting it excited all over again for being praised? (17:14)

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