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Jonas Black to Provide Exclusive Content

Professional dog behaviorist will give tips, training, and behavioral advice for dog owners

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Jonas Black Dog Behaviorist and Training Partner Heroly

Jonas Black, Professional Dog Behaviorist

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with recognized dog behaviorist, Jonas Black. Jonas, out of Austin, TX, has clients that range from celebrities seeking professional dog training to pro-bono work with shelters pulling dogs off euthanasia tables and rehabilitating them.

Jonas has agreed to work with Heroly exclusively for content to be released via a YouTube channel, weekly podcasts, and live social media Q&As. The content will be comprised of any and everything to ease the struggles that dog owners face such as crate, leash, and command training to behavioral challenges.

With his Balanced Approach training style and inherent sense of canine psychology, Jonas has continually blown away owner’s expectations and the dog community as a whole.

Let us know some topics that you would like Jonas to cover and stay tuned! Also, be sure to follow us on Social Media

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