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"Uber for Dog Walking" Provides User With Impromptu, In-Home Orgy

And It Wasn't Even Requested

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This is why we’re here...

Here’s the sitch:

Yesterday, a story was released that two shirtless men, personal lube, and a camcorder were found in the living room of a someone who requested, WAG! the “Uber of Dog Walking,” to take care of his dog when he was away.

(We aren’t judging, this sounds like a great night under other circumstances)

Not only was this scene unexpected, but the dog was found in another room sitting in his own urine. I mean…you literally had one job… (sorry Jimbo). Not the worst that could happen, Wag has developed a reputation for losing dogs as well.

The actual dog walker was found in the bathroom showering. According to Wag, this walker had 305 walks/boards, a 4.96 out of 5 rating, and a background check. Obviously, none of this means shit if you don’t know who you’re letting in your home.

Why are we telling you this? We have one goal:


Let’s rephrase that, not only do we want to give you a platform to make dog ownership easier, but we want to make it SAFER.

We gotchu. We get that you want relevant, heart-warming dog stories, behavioral advice, and funny, original social media content… and we do our best to deliver all of that.

But most importantly, Heroly is here help you help yourself. We believe in people cultivating their own small network of trusted neighbors and peers to take care of your pet. We got the rest; we handle the logistics such as notifications, information, payment, etc, and at the same time, we always donate to shelters on your behalf.

We know what its like to want one more drink at happy hour or to stay and finish that project for the boss so you get that shiny title and bonus you got your eyes on. We’ve all been there, and this is why we’re here.

Heroly Dog Walking App

We are here for you.

Download our app & connect with your neighbors, we promise not to send you half-naked strangers (I mean, contact support, maybe we can make it happen).

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