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Heroly is cleared for launch: Houston-based, female-founded app mobilizes neighbors for on-demand pet care, all for the dogs

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You're at work, minding your business and frantically realize that your pit mix Petie needs to mind his at home (but you promised to send the proposal today). This everyday bind- and others such as when you’re up for that last drink at happy hour to seal the deal- represent what the Houston-based app Heroly is out to tackle with their on-demand platform: mobilizing communities of close neighbors for pet care to eliminate the aspect of strangers entering homes and walking users’ canines.

The company leads with their passion of supporting rescue and saving dogs, donating 20 percent of all proceeds from app usage and brand apparel sales directly to local shelters.

Heroly’s free peer-to-peer platform launches July 28 for IOS and Android. The app targets young professionals living in multi-unit mid to high rises. Users are prompted to pre-select/connect with neighbors-turned-Heroes for urgent pet care needs (i.e. feeding and pee breaks), from next door to up to a small radius.

Pet requests -for multiple dogs or combinations of feeds and walks- cost less than the dominant app or service platforms currently in the market.

"We aren’t your average dog brand, and we like to push boundaries. We’re working within a $70 billion industry, and Heroly hopes to tap into that by addressing the two most strenuous aspects of dog ownership, time and behavior,” said Audrey Kiefer, Founder and CEH (Chief Executive Hero).

"Our app gives neighbors a platform for last-minute pet care, and our content is building out to steer users towards balanced dog training/ownership.”

Audrey Kiefer - Founder of Heroly

Being a Hero is a two-way street, so each user can either request a Hero or earn cash by providing the service themselves. For each of these Mission Requests completed, a 20 percent donation is made to the app’s featured Shelter of the Month (SOTM).

"If [when] we meet our numbers, Heroly will be the number-one rescue contributor in the world,” said Jonas Black, Heroly’s canine behaviorist and partner. “Some people don't quite understand the importance of rescue donation until they actually get their boots dirty and work with these shelters to see the turmoil and how short these institutions are on funds and resources."

In the brand spirit of dogs and building community, Heroly is hosting a Houston launch party at Midtown’s Irish Cowboy on the day of the national release which will include live music by Houston’s The Guzzlers.

Raffle proceeds and matched drink donations from sponsors such as Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Green Flash Brewery, and Buzzballz will be given directly to the local Animal Justice League rescue, the event’s beneficiary and Heroly’s Shelter of the Month.

Upon release, the team plans to scale their user base in the Houston and Austin markets and ultimately garner national support.

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