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Get Baked, Save Dogs

Local Hero cooks for charity

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Two Chihuahuas and a Cocker Spaniel walk into Williams Sonoma…

The punchline? A dog-fueled baking class supporting rescue.

On Saturday, Houston local and ambassador, Sebastian the Dog, took his all-natural treats on the road to host a cooking class benefitting an area shelter, Citizens for Animal Protection.

Meet Sebastian:

While Sebastian accepted all the pats and happily demonstrated just how good his chicken, bacon, and veggie treats are, his human shared the recipe and directed other dog owners while they handcrafted their own.

Above: Sebastian’s treats by owner Edith Hu shared all the biscuit secrets during the class where 20 percent of proceeds went to Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP).

CAP was organized 46 years ago when a small group of people were saving dogs out of their own cars and homes in Houston. The organization has since grown into a 3.5-acre facility and created one of the first comprehensive pet adoption screening process as well as outreach programs to show the community the need for animal respect and compassion.

Trisha Royal, CAP’s community outreach director, has dedicated 43 years to rescues and fully believes in their early education programs when it comes to saving animals.

(CAP offers summer camps and hosts kids' nights that ultimately educate youth as to the how and why animals really wind up at shelters.)

“The more they [children] realize that an animal is a companion for life and not only ‘lost’ pets end up here, the less rescues we’ll have in the first place,” said Trisha Royal.

CAP was also the chosen shelter for Heroly's donations at the 2017 Puppies For Breakfast.

(Above) As treats simmered in the oven, ambassadors Flower and Annie directed plenty of foot traffic to the CAP adoptions and awareness table. Note: Don’t call the numbers listed on their collars. They don’t want no scrubs.

Human-grade treats (yep, we sure as hell tried them), adoption awareness, and one colander later wrapped up an afternoon for Heroly well spent in the name of dogs.

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-The Heroly Pack

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