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Delta Clips Pit Bull Wings: The malarkey of breed restrictions

The July 10 rule will ban all Bull-type dogs from flight

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On July 10, Delta Airlines will join the ranks of ignorance as their ban on the Pit Bull breed takes effect. Any Bull-type dog is no longer a qualifier as either an emotional service or support animal. Currently, behaviorists across the country- including Heroly's Jonas Black- are standing up for the breed.

Breed discrimination: Smells a little like racism

Delta, get that shit out of here. Their actions are the equivalent of racism, because we're now generalizing and stereotyping based on genetics (any Pit Bull-type dog). There's really no such thing. The airline is taking a discriminatory stance on box-headed dogs while completely obliterating the nurture aspect of these canines.

Vet douches, not dogs

Breed-specific legislation is a bunch of horseshit. This is something that I've been preaching for a very long time. What we have to take into consideration is the damage potential of the person adopting the dog or who has ownership of the canine (is that person a douchebag/not?). That is what we need to be taking into account.

Protect the dogs by really vetting people. It's so simple.

Let’s talk about Chihuahuas

The American Pit Bull Terrier has been a loyal family dog for hundreds of years (literally hundreds).

Suddenly we’re completely obliterating the concept of nurture, when even some people legitimately need these emotional support animals (ESAs) despite their breed status as Pit Bulls.

I've actually been bitten more times by Chihuahuas than I have by Pit Bulls, and that's the truth of the matter. This is because people will manage a Chihuahua's behavior by picking that dog up and positively reinforcing that behavior. You have to correct that behavior.

So if we're going to talk about the amount of times that these dogs have bitten, then you better put the f*cking chihuahua on there too. You better not allow a Chi on to my flight Delta (they’ve completely obliterated behavioral construction based on environment).

Of course, I can't say that 100% of the time these dogs are incredible, because that's just not true. But that's not true for any dog breed. It further advocates discrimination against the this breed.

So if we're already perfectly okay with banning a Pit Bull, and we're already okay with discriminating against a living being, then you can count my business out of your yearly revenue report. I'm done with Delta until these dogs are allowed back a lot on my flight, and I'll take a Pit Bull on my flight over an asshole any day.

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Above: Jonas Black, Austin's number-one canine behavior modification specialist and premier smart a**

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