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Beer, Cake, and Bow Ties: BYOD’s happy hours are for the dogs

Featuring Heroly as official unofficial photographer

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On Friday, BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog) partnered with the Rescued Pets Movement to host their monthly meet up on the dog-friendly patio at Bar Boheme. As the whiskey flowed, tails and tongues wagged as humans and canines alike unwound from the grind (literally, it was #takeyourdogtowork week).

Founder Michelle Trejo (above) launched BYOD after her poised Shetland Sheepdog Lucy was kicked off a patio at an undisclosed Houston watering hole. *Cough*, assholes. After Google returned nada in terms of dog-friendly patios, she set out to change not only that cultural aspect of the city, but also dog ownership in general. In January, Michelle launched BYOD with a two-pronged, local-focused mission:

  1. Foster community-based pet education and ownership throughout HTX. Translation: bangin’ parties with orgs like the Rescued Pets Movement

  2. Provide exclusive dog-friendly deals/services to pet owners based on partnerships BYOD established (Think 10% off frozen mojitos at Boheme or off your entire order at Balls Out Burger)

Rescued Pets Movement: 1 million miles down + 27,000 animals… not put down

RPM reps were also patio sippin’ and spreading the word of their own unique mission. These Heroes have saved more than 27,000 lives by transporting adoptable animals- that would otherwise have been killed- across the U.S. to vetted shelters where the dog demand is high and puppy FOMO is real.

Volunteers have driven more than 1 million miles to transfer worthy fur balls from BARC’s (Houston’s designated city shelter) kill list to homes in different area codes. We’ll drink *drank a lot* to that.

Hold on to your puppy panties ATX, BYOD’s makin’ their way downtown

While Michelle has been passionately creating a more informed, dog-friendly Space City, she and team also realize the natural segue between the cultures of the Houston and Austin markets. BYOD has established multiple partnerships in the area, so their launch of exclusive food + drink, event, and lifestyle deals for dog people is slated for the Silicon Hills at the end of July (so start saving for patio time with your pet, peasant).

We’ll see you at cocktails down on SoCo or 6th! #basicatx 

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