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Dog Heroes AF: Heroly's August SOTM is committed to the rescue cause

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There are people that love dogs. Those that: dedicate their feeds to dog memes, awkwardly and only hang out with them at parties... Then there are Heroes like director Cindy Fitzergald who's literally sold her possessions and sacrificed her house for rehabbing and fostering homeless hounds through her AARF Houston rescue.    

AARF (Adopt a Rescue Friend) is a nonprofit that fosters every breed of dog and doesn't believe that any case is too severe. Their work ranges anywhere from bottle feeding abandoned puppies to getting healing dogs to physical therapy. Volunteers constantly work towards uniting them with their forever humans. 

Above: AARF finds homes for dogs of all breeds and sizes in Houston

Our mission is to help as many forgotten, broken and neglected dogs find a loving home as humanly possible. Willingly volunteering our time, blood, sweat and tears to make sure they are rehabilitated and given a chance at happiness. We are their healing hands. Their fight is our fight. 

All of our officers, directors and fosters are unpaid volunteers. The only compensation we receive is the knowledge that we are making a difference.

Above: Another AARF success story

Heroly Spotlight on AARF: Shelter of the Month specifics 

Every month, Heroly directly contributes to a featured rescue. All Dogust long, Heroly will donate 20 percent of proceeds from our apparel sales to AARF. 

Most importantly, we also donate directly to them each time someone uses our on-demand pet care app to feed or walk their dog. 

To recap, here's how we'd love for you to support our SOTM and their rescue efforts:

1) Snag some of the Heroly swag in our apparel shop (20% goes to shelter): 

2) Download the app to request a Hero for your dog or feed/walk your neighbor's for $: 

Our app provides a payment platform where you connect with trusted neighbors nearby to either ask them to let your dog out when it's urgent (send a or schedule a request) or feed/walk theirs in return (complete a request and get paid). Each time payments are transferred between Wallets on the app, we donate directly to our SOTM. 

With Heroly, everyone wears a cape

We're out to create a community of Heroes with both our app that leverages the 'it takes a village to raise a dog' approach as well as through direct contributions to our SOTM, where AARF is able to relieve the expenses of: 

- critical medical care/surgeries that improve the lives of their foster dogs with parvo, broken bones, and other ailments. 

- spay and neutering to stop one of the main causes of homeless pets 

- multiple vaccinations sets before puppies are adopted 

- behavioral modification for dogs recovering from abusive homes 

We want to thank you for joining us on our launch journey and ultimately our mission to support rescue. Look for Heroly's future added features, updates, and rescue endeavors coming super soon! 

TTFN w/ a dog lick, 

The Pack

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