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  • Someone asked you to be a Hero. Now What?

    Why People are Choosing Heroly:

  • Safety

    You see your neighbor daily. You know who they are and where to find them in a pinch. You also see how they behave with their dogs and they know yours as well. Better option all around.
    Strangers in your home is a terrible idea for all involved, including your pet. Our competition has proven that no matter how many background checks or star-ratings, there is an ever-present risk of trouble.


    Heroly is the cheapest option available to get your pet relieved. Also, the more you help your Heroes in return, the cheaper the cost is for you.

    Even better, you can #sidehustle with Heroly and make some extra beer money.

    Supporting Shelters

    Every single time the app is used, Heroly donates 20% of our fee directly to the Shelter/Rescue of the Month which is voted on by our users.

    We also make it easy for our users to contribute a portion of their money earned.

  • How It Works

    First, download the app, then....



    Connect with neighbors you know and trust - "Heroes"



    When you're in a bind, request a Hero to walk or feed your pet.



    Earn money by being a Hero for your neighbor in return.



    Heroly donates to the Shelter or Rescue of the Month for every completed request.

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