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    Neighbors helping neighbors, keeping strangers out of your home.

    On-Demand Dog Walking, Without the Strangers

    The Heroly App is a mobile platform that will connect you to your neighbors and trusted peers. When professional or social obligations keep you from home, simply use the app to request a Hero. Your designated, pre-selected and approved, list of Heroes will get a notification that your pet needs a rescue. A direct, peer-to-peer payment will be sent from owner to Hero, and a small 8% fee will go to Heroly. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to various animal shelters selected by the users. That's how 'Everyone is a Hero'.


  • How It Works

    First, get the app, then....



    Connect with neighbors you know and trust - "Heroes"



    When you're in a bind, request a Hero to walk or feed your pet.



    Earn money by being a Hero for your neighbor in return.



    Heroly donates to our Shelter or Rescue of the Month for every completed request.

  • Heroly's Canine Club Podcast

    Real, unfiltered canine advice from an expert behaviorist.

    Warning: This Podcast is Unmuzzled

    A podcast brought to you by Heroly featuring expert canine behavior modification specialist, Jonas Black, as he guides our listeners through the amazing world of canine psychology, news, and training advice in a format never before experienced! This is not your average dog show! Listen now on

    iTunes, Google Play, or Podbean.​

  • Our Mission: To Create Heroes for Canines

    We approach our mission with a no BS attitude. We offer tools for dog owners that address the two major reasons dogs are relinquished to shelters, Time and Behavior. We also pledge 20% of all of our proceeds to be donated to various non-profit shelters and rescues, always.

    The Heroly App

    On-Demand Dog Walking, Without the Strangers.

    Heroly's Canine Club Podcast

    Tips to help you be the best pack leader.

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