• Connecting Neighbors. Supporting Shelters. Making Heroes.

  • Time - We Get It

    The world keeps us busy, our loved ones are kept waiting.

    Mobile App - Coming Soon!

    The Heroly App is a mobile platform that will connect you to your neighbors and trusted peers. When professional or social obligations keep you from home, simply use the app to request a Hero. Your designated, pre-selected and approved, list of Heroes will get a notification that your pet needs a rescue. A direct peer-to-peer payment will be sent from owner to Hero and a small 8% fee will go to Heroly. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to various animal shelters selected by the users. That's how "Everyone is a Hero."

  • Behavior

    We want to help you be the best pack leader.

    Heroly's Canine Club Podcast

    Professional dog behaviorist, Jonas Black, is releasing a series of podcast shows that will address the behavioral issues that owners face with canines of all ages, including rescues. He will host celebrities and those well known in the dog industry. Stay tuned.

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    Chief Executive Hero & Founder

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    Dog Behaviorist & Content Partner

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