• On-Demand Dog Walking, Without the Strangers.

    Connecting Neighbors. Supporting Shelters. Making Heroes.

  • We Get It

    The world keeps us busy, our loved ones are kept waiting.


    Heroly is a mobile platform that will connect you to your neighbors and trusted peers. When professional or social obligations keep you from home, simply use the app to request a Hero. Your designated, pre-selected and approved, list of Heroes will get a notification that your pet needs a rescue. A direct peer-to-peer payment will be sent from owner to Hero and a small 8% fee will go to Heroly. 20% of all proceeds will be donated to various animal shelters selected by the users. That's how "Everyone is a Hero."

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    Audrey Kiefer

    Chief Executive Hero & Founder

    Jonas Black

    Dog Behaviorist & Content Partner

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